Airush Switch Team V11 2022/23


Intuitive & refined performance freeride shape.
Step-down rail for maximum edge control.
Uni-directional center stringer for added response.

The Switch Team is an extremely responsive performance freeride board which excels when loading, popping, landing and cruising. Even in the choppiest conditions this board is really fun and easy to set on rail. The Switch Team is playful for carving, benefitting from just the right amount of grip with the thinner rails, tuned flex, and outline. Transitioning through carves along the board’s rails is predictable and intuitive, while the uni-directional basalt I-beam structure offers improved stiffness between the feet and faster reflex for enhanced freestyle performance.



High performance lamination.
Full-flex tip technology.
Refined 3D shape.

Construction: UD Basalt
Plain-Weave Basalt
Wide-Tow Carbon Lamination
Lightweight Durable Top Sheet

Maße UVP Preis
132×39, 135×40, 138×41, 141×42 679 € auf Anfrage


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