Airush Livewire Team V8 2022/23


High performance freestyle machine.
Perfect balance of weight, rocker & flex for response.
Carbon Triax Technology.

The Livewire Team is designed for the high-performance freestyle rider focused on the perfect balance of weight, rocker, flex, and response. Ideal for boots, the optimized 3D deck, deep channel and concave combo bottom (in conjunction with the highest rocker in our range) makes this board a competition machine. The Carbon Triax Technology, combined with 12K spread tow carbon, adds another dimension of laminate strength. For an insane amount of pop, the Livewire Team makes fast rotations during complex maneuvers effortless, and has exceptional impact absorption for controlled landings all while remaining light underfoot.



Deep channel & concave combo bottom shape.
Rail channels.
ABS 2.0 reinforced inserts.

Triax and Wide Tow Carbon Lamination
Tuned Flex

Maße UVP Preis
138×41, 140×42, 142×43 1089 € auf Anfrage


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