Starboard Foil Slalom 2022


The PWA Slalom Foil racing machine. Push your foil to the limit with steady flights through gusts and wind holes. A new nose design for improved light wind performance on the 91. No limits to strong winds and high speeds with the 81 and 71.



The Starboard original waterdrop cut-away accelerates the water along the tuck line and gets you to take off speed with minimal sail pressure. With significantly reduced tail volume, you don’t have to push hard on the tail to activate the foil and get up and flying. What makes this concept even more special is that it allows you to keep your comfortable, almost parallel stance, far outboard to get more leverage on the foil. As if all that was not enough, we evolved lighter weight Carbon Reflex technology, without compromising strength.


Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
145 220 71 Carbon Reflex / Starlite Carbon 2929 € / 2049 € auf Anfrage
163 210 81 Carbon Reflex / Starlite Carbon 2929 € / 2049 € auf Anfrage
191 210 91 Carbon Reflex 2929 € auf Anfrage

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