Starboard Foil Freestyle 2023


Flying onto the foil as quickly as possible was a primary Foil Freestyle design criteria. Deep cut-aways running down the rail encourage the board to glide faster, while reduced tail volume enhances foil activation. The result: you’re onto the foil early in light wind with little effort. Touchdowns can always get tricky, so we paid extra attention to ensure you fly confidently. The wide nose outline and foil-specific rocker line provide security and recovery. Progress is into the centre foot strap to practice your first jumps and freestyle moves is natural. As is the super stable stance while up hauling the sail. An exciting, versatile board with a compact, balanced shape.

On Land:
On land, the Foil Freestyle stands out with its portability. This board will fit in the smallest of spaces.
Extended length US-Box foil tracks allow foil tuning to suit experience, ride style and conditions.
Fully forward for more advanced, dynamic freestyle tricks, or tuning further to the back for a steady, smooth freeride feeling. All to play for.



Volumen Länge Breite Bauweise UVP Preis
105 185 63 Carbon Reflex 2799 € auf Anfrage


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