Women GNU Ladies Choice 2021




Women GNULadies Choice 2021 Snowboard

The Ladies Choice is a reflection of Jamie Anderson’s balance between progression and playfulness. Packaging the most progressive asym technology with eco-friendly construction, the Ladies Choice is an all mountain freestyle work of art. Clear nylon topsheets made with bio beans show through to the sustainably harvested wood cores. The choice for ladies with all mountain freestyle flow.

  • Designed with Jamie Anderson for riding the whole mountain like a park
  • Our most eco-friendly materials and construction
  • Twin Asymmetry with C2x all terrain camber hybrid contour

Länge Breite Camber UVP Preis
142.5 23.2 C2x 569,99 €
145.5 24.0 C2x 569,99 €
148.5 24.2 C2x 569,99 €

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