EASY Black Torsion 2023


The Black Torsion is a crazy board. It makes you wonder how she manages to adapt so easily to all the terrains she meets. Already because its Magic Flex provides the rigidity you need on the track and a good dose of fex in the park. But also because its Easy Rock fat camber allows a smooth passage from frm snow to light, you will feel like foating in your sweetest dreams.
As you can see, it’s a small wonder of freestyle-style versatility, a sure bet in our line-up that makes people happy every season.



All Mountain Twin

Easy rock is a powerful flat rocker: the camber is flat between your feet so you can do freestyle tricks easily. The nose and tail are slightly raised to allow you to float in powder and it is stable and aggressive in curves.

Länge cm Breite cm Profil UVP Preis
147 24.9 Easy Rock
379,95 €
auf Anfrage
152 25.1
154 25.3
156 25.5
159W 25.9
162W 26.6


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