EASY Peak 2023


The Peak is your ticket to the summits, a special backcountry board for the riders who enjoy open fields. This year, the Peak got new 3D nose and tail, you can rely on a solid entry rocker for fresh powder days.

It still has its à la carte shape, twin or directionnal, for a fun or more agressive ride depending on your mood and the conditions. The Peak breathes better high up the mountain but she won’t refuse a few spins if you hit the park. A versatile board for any circumstances.



  • Backcountry / Carving Twin
  • Sintered Base

This is a version more aggressive of our original cam to rock , the camber is longer and higher to provide more power and stability to the boards

MW – Medium Wide

Länge cm Breite cm Profil UVP Preis
154 25.1 CAM TO ROCK PRO 479,95 €
auf Anfrage
156 25.3
158MW 25.4
160MW 26.0
163MW 26.3


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