EASY Nomad LTD 2023


Team’s favorite and our biggest success without any doubt. No wonder, the Nomad LTD is packed with what’s best in materials and technology. For you, it opens the gates of the freeride kingdom: slash ridges, carve with your eyes closed, its wavy Easy Grip edge line will keep traction on any terrain you attack.

This board is insatiable, it extends its power to any kicker in the park thanks to its pop and lightness. A very responsive and strong board thanks to its Super Pop Plus Woodcore core and its tip to tail carbon reinforcements. Once again, this new Nomad is a killer ride.



All Mountain Twin

Easy 2 rock is the perfect combination of rocker and traditional camber. The camber has been developed to make the board both aggressive and docile on all types of snow

MW – Medium Wide

Länge cm Breite cm Profil UVP Preis
153 25.3 Easy 2 Rock
479,95 €
auf Anfrage
155 25.5
157MW 25.8
159MW 26.0
162MW 26.3


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