EASY Huntress 2023


The Huntress is the board that will boost your confidence. By the way, you’re so pumped up that nobody dares to ride the lifts with you. The Huntress opens the doors to an infinite playground: jump from hilly parks to rail lines, follow ridges to steep runs that you’ll sign of your majestic turns. The Huntress is at ease everywhere it rides: it is our snow panther.

Thanks to its ultra light Top Sheet and its Super Pop Plus Woodcore core, its mobility will surprise you. It keeps a low profile under your feet in all conditions and delivers optimal grip thanks to our Mellow Easy Grip edges. Hard to find any weakness, it is as complete on the inside that it is beautiful on the outside 🙂

You can also discover the Womad, a board a little more expert or the Pink Torsion more accessible.



All Mountain Twin

Easy rock is a powerful flat rocker: the camber is flat between your feet so you can do freestyle tricks easily. The nose and tail are slightly raised to allow you to float in powder and it is stable and aggressive in curves.

Länge cm Breite cm Profil UVP Preis
142 23.7 Easy Rock
399,95 €
auf Anfrage
145 23.9
147 24.1
151 24.3
154 24.5
157 24.7


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