O’Neill Slasher Comp Vest


Key Features

  • -100% UltraFlex DS
  • -Front Zipper
  • -Reversible Design
  • -NytroLite Foam
  • -Segmented Foam Core
  • -Anatomical Flex Points
  • -Strategic Armhole Fit


O’Neill Slasher Comp Vest

Lightweight. Breathable. Comfortable. Just a few of the reasons the O’Neill Slasher Comp Vest continues to be a go-to option for those seeking the ultimate in performance and style.

The front zipper closure system makes putting it on and taking it off as easy as it gets. Anatomical flex points throughout the vest allow the vest to move as you do, ensuring you have maximum freedom of movement while riding. The Nytrolite foam technology is three times lighter than traditional foam and absorbs 20% less water, helping reduce the overall weight of the vest. It is also approximately 10% more buoyant than PVC foam, reducing the amount of foam needed for equal float in the water.

The lightest vest in the water just got lighter, stronger, and dries faster than before.

Last but not least, the Slasher is reversible. You basically get two vests in one!

Größe Dicke Material UVP Preis
S – XXL NytroLite Foam 125€ 125€

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